Steering committee

Coordinator - Jean Michel CARNUS – INRA

  • 10/02/2012-Benoît FAUCONNEAU-President centre of INRA Bordeaux Aquitaine.
  • Objective : Decide what directions the project should take.
  • Meets at least once a year at the initiative of the Coordinator 08/06/2011 10/02/2012

Institutions, Members, Alternate Members

8 voting partner members 

Institutions / Organizations


Alternate Members

Partner members

Thierry Caquet

Hubert de Rochambeau

FCBA Alain Bailly Frédéric Rouger

Bordeaux I University

Dean Lewis Denis Breysse
University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour Bertrand Charrier Danielle Gonbeau
Arts et Métiers – Paris Tech Cluny Robert Collet Louis Denaud
ESB Arnaud Godevin Mark Irle
IPB François Cansell Eric Arquis

Christophe Giraud


Invited members

Aquitaine Regional Council

Thibaut Richebois

Carole Doucet

SGAR Aquitaine – DRRT

André Touboul

Thierry Thévenin


Tanguy Massart

Christine Délisée


Radjini Racine


Role : Decisional instance and project arbitration 

  • Ensures work proceedings, respect of the implementation schedule, conformity of the works with respect to the objectives sought and the project.  
  • Validates annual financial and scientific reports. 
  • Approves the provisional budget presented by technical platform and prepared by the Management Team 
  • Discusses the strategic orientation of the XYLOFOREST project. Any reorientation, extension, prolongation, or modification of the distribution of project tasks is accepted after agreement with the general direction of the Coordinator organization. 
  • Decides on the communication policy, including institutional relations in the name of XYLOFOREST. 
  • Deliberates and proposes to the parties the admission of a new party or exclusion of a defaulting party.
  • Can be called upon for advice in case of technical issues by the parties involved, and decides on the possible trade-offs. 
  • Appoints the Scientific Committee President. Proposes Scientific Committee modifications. 
  • Annually validates the dissemination and communication plan for the XYLOFOREST project activities. Decides on all issues affecting the proper operating of the XYLOFOREST project. 

Voting conditions

If all voting parties can not be assembled, a second invitation is extended under the same conditions as the first. The Steering Committee can then act validly if 2/3 of voting members are present in person or represented. Minutes of the meetings are taken by a session secretary at the beginning of each meeting. 

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