Scientific advisory board

8 scientific experts from five countries 

Purpose: Review scientific actions and projects related to the Xyloforest Equipex 

Meets at least once a year at the initiative of the Coordinator. 06/2013 05-06/06/2012


Organization & Country

Platform by Expertise

Robert BEAUREGARD (President) Laval-Québec University, Canada XYLOPLATE
Nathalie ISABEL Laurentians-Québec Forestry Centre, Canada XYLOMIC & XYLOBIOTECH
Meriem FOURNIER Agro-Paris-Tech-Nancy, France XYLOSYLVE & XYLOPLATE
Christine DELISEE President XYLOFUTUR Scientific Council, France all platforms
Joseph GRIL CNRS-Montpellier, France XYLOPLATE & XYLOMAT
Carlos Pascoal NETO Aveiro University, Portugal XYLOCHEM
Donatien Pascal KAMDEM Michigan University, USA XYLOMAT

One or more members of the Steering Committee and the Management Team may be asked to attend the Scientific Committee meetings. 

Role: to make a scientific assessment of the XYLOFOREST project activity

  • Scientifically evaluate the work and results of XYLOFOREST project, in order to define any necessary policy changes in terms of research strategy. 
  • Contributes to scientific and technological survey, to the international visibility of the project and its scientific excellence. Advises on partnership perspectives with third parties, proposes European and international initiatives and collaborative actions. 
  • Consulted on any other scientific or technical question for which the Steering Committee seeks its opinion. 
  • Consulted by the Steering Committee on the dissemination policy of the project works, or the XYLOFOREST project communication policy and their implementation modalities. 

Terms of decision

The Scientific Committee provides recommendations and opinions to the Steering Committee. A report of the Scientific Committee meetings will be established and sent to all members present and all Pilote Committee members within a four week delay.

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