Xyloforest is a shared platform for research and innovation systems for forest cultivation - timber products & materials. Its scope covers the adaptation of forest resources, climate change, engineering wood construction, fiber and forest biomass energy and chemical enhancement.

Excellence, knowledge and innovation

This excellence equipment project aims to provide research laboratories with high level equipment in the areas of biotechnology and materials applied to the areas of cultivated forest and wood. These equipment requirements aim to increase knowledge of wood-forest systems and develop innovative and sustainable solutions that can add value to forests.

Future investments (Equipex)

Xyloforest, winner of the January 2011 Equipex Future Investments invitation (ANR-10EQPX-16), is strucured around six technology platforms mobilizing a hundred staff members from partner research laboratories. They offer innovative services destined to the research community and to the forest and wood professionals. Xyloforest's implementation is spread throughout 2013 and running until 2020.

Regional synergies, international visibility

Xyloforest is one of five excellence equipment projects retained for the Aquitaine region and one of twelve better equipped national projects. Its networking with other regions is based on European collaborations and gives Xyloforest visibility and an international dimension. The project is built with a platform in human sciences coordinated by IRSTEA, as well as a Xylosup platform coordinated by Bordeaux Sciences Agro for Higher Education.


Xyloforest is coordinated by INRA Bordeaux-Aquitaine. This project is co-constructed with cluster partners and associates 6 Xylofutur institutional and financial partners. It involves 14 laboratories spread over 6 regions.

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