Equipex management team

Operational structure of project coordination, alongside the coordinator and under his responsibility. 

Project manager is responsible for its operation 

  • Objective: Decide and fulfill the operational management of the project. 
  • During the equipment implementation stage, meets on a monthly basis, and then at least twice a year. 

Membres, Function

  •  Jean-Michel CARNUS (INRA), XYLOFOREST project Coordinator 
  • Patrick PASTUZSKA (INRA), XYLOSYLVE platform Manager
  • Luc HARVENGT (FCBA, XYLOBIOTECH platform Manager
  • Rémy PETIT (INRA), XYLOMIC platform Manager
  • Jean-Luc COUREAU (Bordeaux 1 University), XYLOPLATE platform Manager
  • Bertrand CHARRIER (University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour), XYLOMAT platform Manager
  • Stéphane GRELIER (Bordeaux 1 University), XYLOCHEM platform Manager
  • Fabienne SCHNEIDER (INRA), Communication
  • Richard EMEYRIAT (INRA), XYLOFOREST Project Manager

Roles :

  • Ensure an effective coordination and efficient management of the project between platforms
  • Facilitate regular dialogue, exchanges and synergy development between platforms, as well as result dissemination and project promotion in conjunction with the Steering Committee
  • Contribute to the preparation of documents and annual meetings of the Steering Committee and Scientific Committee.

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