Xylosylve : innovative silvicultural systems

Objective: develop tomorrows' forestry itineraries

  • Evaluate the environmental balance of intensive production systems of wood and woody biomass.

  • Install an experimental platform and a network of sites of silvicultural system tests.

  • Establish a network of equipped sites and an infrastructure of national and international interest in terrestrial ecology.


  • Experimental site of 40 ha at INRA Pierroton : 6 tested scenarios (maritime pine, eucalyptus and nitrogen fixing species). Improved material + silvicultural factors (site preparation, density, fertilisation level, thinning...).

  • In situ installation of measuring systems on the biophysical and biogeochemical operation ; coll. ICOS, controls, standard qualities. Storage and analysis of data at a European scale.

  • Installation of a biomass measuring platform to manipulate trees and whole root systems (architecture and biomass) to grade models, tree stability, mineral assessment, and prepare the samples.

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