Xylomic : tree genomics and phenotyping

Objective: study wood genetic variability (ADN  phenotyping) for genetic improvement

  • Understand the environmental and genetic determinants of the variability of wood in plantation forests.

  • Provide research and industry with a common platform to characterize wood and understand the biological and ecological processes involved in it's tree development.

  • Provide tools to identify new efficient genotypes for silviculture, directly included in the sector or the long term improvement program (marker assisted selection).


  • Genomic analysis and Genome- Transcriptom : ADN extraction (>10,000 individuals), robotized genotyping, new generation sequencing

  • Phenotypic analysis and Génobois platform : chemical properties (SPIR), micro-densitometry , xylology, high-speed dendroecology + Caviplace platform : resistance to drought by cavitation study (automation).

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