Xylomat : wood-based composite materials

Objective : produce panels and composites from wood and natural binders

  • Formulate industrial resins from renewable raw materials (tannins, cornflour...).

  • Measure precisely the emission rate of volatile organic compounds.

  • Characterize the physical, chemical and biological performances of the wood pannels and biocomposites.

  • Implement at a laboratory and experimental scale the pannels (plywood, LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) particles) as well as composites.

  • Have new tools in order to develop industrial collaborations.


  • Rheometre, TGA, TMA, extruder, autoclave for the characterization of pannels and implementation of composites

  • Microscope, HPLC and equipment in ecotoxicology, analysis rooms for characterization, cutter and press for the production of laminated panels, sensors for monitoring machining.

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