Xylochem : wood chemistry and biorefinery

Chemistry and wood bio-refinery

Objective : treatment of biomass for the production of cellulose fibers, molecular extraction and synthesis of new biopolymers

  • Develop the biorefinery and green chemistry of the maritime pine

  • Deconstruct the maritime pine by papermaking processes (curing catalyst, high purity degree cellulose...)

  • Valorize the industrial lignins (controlled depolymerization, functionalization)

  • Extract molecules with high added value (terpenes...)

  • Develop macromolecules / biobased nanocomposites (nanocrystals and cellulose nanofibrils in experimental quantity) and functionalization

  • Produce synthons for chemistry (surfactants, new polymers...) by chemical means or bioconversion.


  • Paper-maker digester (separation and characterization of bio-based synthons)

  • AFM microscope (macromolecular characterization)

  • Filtration and nanofiltration system (production of cellulose nanocrystals).

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